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I now know two people whose brilliance can be attributed to manic depression.

I've met many people within the past year because my circles of life have broadened. I've belonged to five or six dance groups, I've expanded my influence and communication via the internet, I've traveled within my own state a little bit more, and I've held quite a few business meetings. During this time I've met two people who have told me they have manic depression. It so happens they are two of the most out-going, delightful people in all my circles. So I have begun to educate myself on manic depression and my two friends have helped me freely.

I have made a terrific discovery regarding the control of manic depression.

My two friends have become users of Young Living Essential Oils and supplements, and we all three have marvelous things to report! I'm not claiming to be professionally knowledgeable about this subject, but I AM claiming to have observed something remarkable and noteworthy. I want to tell (and I do tell...) everyone I know about it . I want the word to spread.

First a bit of background:

  • One of my friends was "incarcerated" into a mental institution at age 17. I'm not sure how long he was institutionalized, but he's out and about now. He is in his 50's and has had manic depression under control for a decade. He says the key for him was getting his hormones into good balance. He uses Prenolone Cream from Young Living, a very basic hormone cream which provides the building blocks for hormones in any person's body. (Each person has different requirements, different hormones out of balance, and the Prenolone Cream allows each person to build what he needs at the time.)
  • My other friend has quick cycling manic depressive moods. During a 24 hour period, he may cycle down and up three to five times, maybe even more. He has been using the Prenolone Cream Plus (which has DHEA), Alkalime, (a mineral powder which balances his pH each night), and Berry Young Juice, a powerful blend of the highest known antioxidant juices with the strongest anti-aging effects. In addition, he uses the oils of Joy, Peace and Calming, Present Time, and Forgiveness, and a strong antibiotic blend of Thieves and Oregano and Frankincense and Thyme (his blood and organs have bacteria and fungi, mold and yeast beasties).

My second friend is none other than my husband, whom I practically idolize. I've gotten to know him pretty well... and I've observed him closely. Believe me, I've made an important discovery regarding the control of manic depression.

My husband, Dave, works in the woods with chainsaws and hand tools and trucks. He must've been superhuman when he was a younger man, because even now, in his mid-fifties, he's brawny. When I was a new bride, I often saw Dave fade away in strength and energy after working hard for two or three hours. His voice would become mumbly and low, practically unintelligible and he would get into a "zone" where he just worked on and on and on, methodically and slowly. After a while, we purchased some Berry Young Juice from Young Living. WITHIN FIFTEEN MINUTES OF DRINKING ONE OUNCE, DAVE WAS UP AND OUT OF HIS ZONE, UP AND OUT OF HIS MANIC DEPRESSIVE MOOD. That caught our attention...we were amazed!

Then, after being married awhile, we took a trip to see our various children. We drove about 3000 miles round trip and on the return trip, ran out of Berry Young Juice. That was really too bad, but it also proved to be a wonderful lesson: never run out of your Berry Young Juice. By the time we got home, Dave was going down into his zone. He went to bed and could barely get up; in fact, he really didn't get up. He went to his recliner, then later back to bed. He missed several days of work.

Finally I got my head on straight and he openly asked for help... I began using what essential oils I had on hand for him. I put Joy over his heart, Peace and Calming under his nose and on the bottoms of his feet, and Present Time on his head. And then I changed my order for Berry Young Juice from 1 liter/month to 4 liters/month. We hope to never be without it again.

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